Go to Class Naked E-Book

Go to Class Naked

The practical guide to online learning



Go to Class naked is a practical guide to online learning that contains tried-and-true strategies and tips for students taking online classes.
Distance education is a growing field and is only becoming more popular as technology evolves. It is non-conventional form of education for people of all ages and backgrounds that frees students of traditional barriers like location, time, and distance.
Go to Class Naked covers a wide variety of relevant topics about distance education including the types, paces, need-to-know vocabulary, typical assignments, technical requirements, commonly asked questions, platforms, and more.
You will learn the simple key to being a successful student online, and how the skills you attain through Go to Class Naked will stay with you throughout your educational career and beyond.
Whether you are a brand-new distance education learner, considering taking an online class,or an accomplished student; Go to Class Naked has the best strategies and tips you need to know to succeed in distance education.

Go to Class Naked



The Basics

Types of Online Classes

Paces & Speeds


Online Classes for the Computer Illiterate

Technical Stuff: Software & Computer Requirements

Platforms & Websites

Typical Online Assignments

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Classes

Should You Take an Online Class?

Which Online Class is Best for You?

Top 10 Tips for Distance Education Learners

Benefits of reading Go to Class Naked:

Learn how online classes work

Answer common questions about distance education

See examples of typical online assignments

Get tips from an experienced, successful college student

Take simple tests to help you decide whether you are a good fit for distance education

See the advantages and disadvantages

Learn about tbe platforms and websites used the most by colleges across the USA

…and so much more


“Not only is this book a complete guide to distance learning, it also helped me
organize large online group projects in a way that made our group far more
efficient than the other teams. Great book if you have been talking about finishing up that degree but just
haven’t figured out how or when to get started.”- Mark Stevens, Amazon Reviewer


So what are you waiting for? Download a free sample of the book before you buy it  using the link below!

Go to Class Naked is available on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Download the free Kindle app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store on Android. Or, download the Kindle Reader free, available both for PC and Mac.

Buy it now at



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