Upcoming April Events at the Orange County Fair

It’s almost April, and spring has sprung in Orange County! Check out this list of upcoming events at the OC Fair in April.

April Events

9th Annual Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX)– April 2-3, the Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX) is a consumer trade show for the saltwater reef aquarium hobby with exhibit booths and displays as well as a children’s touch tank and sail boat contest.

Fight Club OC– April 7th, professional boxing and mixed martial arts competitions. Check out their Happy Hour!

Sand Sports Super Swap– April 10th, lovers of the desert will enjoy a chance to buy and sell sand toys like quads, sand rails, motorcycles, and more.

OC Fair Imaginology– April 15-17, this event caters to children who love to explore their imagination. Kids will visit exhibits from local companies and museums who will help them learn more about a variety of subjects. Best of all, admission is FREE.

America’s Family Pet Expo– April 22-24, this is a personal favorite of mine. Visit the expo to see a variety of animals from chickens to puppies to cows. There are cat and dog shows as well as adoptions and games. Check out the pet products expo to get the latest trendy items for your furry friend. I personally adopted my bunny Leo from the Expo 6 years ago.

Ongoing Events

Food Truck Fare– Occurs most Wednesdays throughout the year, 5:30-9pm

Also occurs Thursdays from 11am-2pm

Farmer’s Market– Most Thursdays from 9am-1pm (FREE admission)

Market Place/Swap Meet– Occurs most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, 7am-4pm ($2 per person admission)

Check out all the events at the OC Fair on their website.


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