5 Ways to Entertain Your Bunny This Easter

Easter is coming up, the holiday which for some is about religion but for others is more about coming together with family and friends. I personally have a pet bunny Leo, who is a rescue that I’ve had for over 6 years. Since the month of Easter unofficially celebrates the Easter Bunny, I decided to put together a list of things to do to entertain your bunny this month.

Please remember that bunnies can live up to 15 years, so experts highly recommend against giving them as gifts to anyone. Children often are too rough with bunnies, or tire of them after a few months. If you’re considering adding a bunny to your family, please keep this in mind: ADOPT, DON’T SHOP. If you’re thinking about getting a pet rabbit, please check out this article first.


Now, if you already have a bunny or have made an educated decision to get one, check out this list of things to do with your bunny this month!

  1. Make Your Own Treats. Check out a YouTube tutorial on how to make bunny-safe treats that incorporate their favorite fruits! You can also find recipes for bunny food online.
  2. Create A Bunny Sandbox. Bunnies love to dig, my bunny is always trying to dig through the carpeting! Make a bunny sandbox out of a cardboard box or DIY a sandbox from some wood panels that are nailed together. Just make sure your bunny knows the difference between the sandbox and the litter box if they are potty-trained. Check out a video of a bunny enjoying the sand.
  3. fa872b0e06af341b7be47897e7c2956c.jpgLet Your Bunny Expand Their Palette. Check out this list from Bunny.org on bunny-safe foods. Remember that fruits are high in sugar and should be fed in limited quantities. I highly recommend buying the halfway-grown herbs such as parsley and lettuce at your local nursery so you always have fresh food for your bun.
  4. DIY A Bunny Maze. Next time you order something online, keep the box and turn it in a bunny maze by cutting holes in it. I’ve bought at least a dozen houses and huts for my bunny over the years, and he still loves the cardboard box more than anything. Not a DIYer? You can buy cardboard mazes online, check out Binky Bunny’s store for a few maze masterpieces.


5. Create A Bunny Treat Box. Grab an empty breakfast cereal box or cardboard box and add in treats and toys to make a fun “grab box” for your bun. Suggested items include dried fruit, herbs, toys, hay, branches (check the safe foods list first)

Photo Credit: Bunnyapproved.com

What are you favorite activities to do with your bunny? Tell us in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Entertain Your Bunny This Easter

  1. This is a very helpful article! I actually just got a bun myself and he looks a lot like Leo but isn’t a lop eared bunny. He’s also a rescue! Question though, is regular sand safe for bunnies?

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