Italian-Inspired Trips & Attractions in SoCal

Want a taste of Italy without leaving Southern California? Check out this list of Italian-inspired trips and attractions in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Gondola Rides – Sunset Gondola

Gondola Rides- Orange County

When we think of Italy, we often dream of the canals of Venice. Lovers kiss in gondolas which sail down the canals. Bring this dream to life with Gondola Rides in Orange County. Gondola rides range from 30 minutes to two hours. The average one-hour gondola for two costs about $80. Reservations are required for most places.

Check out a few places to ride Gondolas on the coastline:

Photo Credit: Little Italy Visitors’ Bureau

Little Italy- San Diego

Little Italy is an Italian-inspired neighborhood in San Diego that includes restaurants serving up hot and fresh pizza, shoppes offering souvenirs, piazzas, the one-mile Embarcadero walk, parks, a firehouse museum, and more.

The Little Italy Association offers a great guide to seeing the area. 

Photo Credit: Discover Los Angeles

Visit Venice, California

Venice, California in Los Angeles shares some similarities with its namesake including the man-made Canals, food vendors along the Canal path, and delicious Italian food.

The Venice boardwalk is world-famous and offers a unique mix of activities and attractions. Known for its artists and street vendors, you will find everything from palm reading to custom caricatures. Venice is known to be off-beat, and even offers a few “doctors” to “evaluate” you to see if you qualify to buy marijuana legally. Rent a bike or stroll down the boardwalk to take it all in.

Also check out the actual Beach for a sweet surfing spot, the Venice Beach Skatepark, and the street murals all over Venice to get the whole experience. Check out a list of all the best attractions.

Best Meatball Recipe
Photo Credit: Great-Italian-Food-Tumblr

Italian Food- All Over SoCal

Spaghetti, pizza, pasta, calzones, and more! Italian food delights people from all over, so let the best Italian restaurants delight your taste buds.

Check out this list of the 14 best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.

Best Italian restaurants in Orange County, from the OC Register.

Head to San Diego for the top Italian restaurants in the area.


Italian American Museum- Los Angeles

For those more interested in the history of Italian immigrants in America, check out the Italian American Museum. It is slated to open in mid-2016. They have planned events such as the Taste of Italy, Republic Day, and more.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to bring a touch of Italy to a SoCal resident’s life? Let us know in the comments below!


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