Embracing El Niño: Roller Skating Rinks in Orange County

As part of the Embracing El Niño series, we have explored a variety of places to visit including Ice Skating Rinks, Museums, Rock Climbing, Gardening Classes, Cooking Classes, and more. For those who are looking for another indoor activity, look no further than roller skating! There are just a few indoor roller skating rinks left in Orange County, check them out below.

Holiday Skate (Orange)

Offering public skating 6 days a week, the Holiday Skate center specializes in themed events and birthday parties.

Public Skating Costs: $6-$8 admission + skate rental

The Rinks- Irvine Inline (Irvine)

The Rinks offers inline skating, ice skating, roller hockey, broomball, and more. They offer public skating every day or check out the Learn to Skate program on Friday evenings.

Public Skating Costs: $5 admission + $3 skate rental

Fountain Valley Skating Center (Fountain Valley)

Welcoming inline skaters but renting out quad skates, the Skating Center caters to skating rookies. The Skating Center is one of the older rinks, offering a maplewood floor to skate on. Learn to Skate programs, up to competitive freestyle skating, are available monthly.

Public Skating Costs: $9 admission + $4 skate rental

Unfortunately there are few roller skating locations left in Orange County! Check out the resources below to learn more about inline skating.

Want to learn how to inline skate before you go? Check out this YouTube tutorial to learn how.

Learn more about inline vs. quad skates.

Have a great time skating!


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