Cinematic Adventures: Drive-In Movie Theaters in SoCal

The theaters of 2016 will serve you dinner, drinks, and even dessert without making you even leave your comfortable seat. While this is a nice luxury, there are times where you just crave the drive-in movie experience. Sharing the experience with a bunch of strangers, who are also in their cars, changes the movie-going dynamic completely. Snacking on candy while laying on the hood or sitting on the tailgate can create beautiful memories.

Check out this list of the remaining drive-in movie theaters in Southern California.

Los Angeles

vinelandVineland Drive-In (City of Industry)

Vineland is located in the City of Industry, and currently offers a double feature for just $9.50 a person. With a total of 4 screens, there is enough room to both spread out and tailgate before the movie. The best part is, you can bring your own food! Locals recommend getting to the theater 30 minutes-1 hour before the show to get the best parking.

paramount.jpgParamount Drive-In (Paramount)

The Paramount Drive-In costs just $9 per person for a double feature. Offering a concession stand, Paramount is a good choice for families in the area but has arguably smaller screens than its counterparts. It may be important to note that this theater is pet-friendly.



missiontikiMission Tiki Drive-In  (Montclair)

With the newer movie tickets costing $8 for one movie, double features are also offered for $9 and two older movies. Mission Tiki has 4 screens and most movies start at 7:30 PM but check their website for more times.


Van Buren Drive-In (Riverside)

Offering 3 screens, tickets are $9 for adults and $1 for kids aged 5-9. The Van Buren Drive-In also has a Swap Meet, which ranges in price from free to $1. Check their website for movie and snack coupons.

rubidouxRubidoux Drive-In (Riverside)

One of the least favored drive-ins in Riverside, Rubidoux offers a $7 double feature, 4 screens, and less crowded lots than Van Buren. Customers complain that smoking is allowed but dogs are not, making the experience less than ideal. A remodel and update of the sound system in 2014 made Rubidoux a contender for your drive-in visit.

Did we miss any drive-ins in the Los Angeles area? Let us know in the comments below!


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