Top 10 [Odd] Gifts for Crazy Cat Ladies

We all have a crazy cat lady in our lives, or possibly we ARE the crazy cat lady. Check out these gifts perfect for cat lovers for the holiday season in 2015

  1. Mini Camping Tent for Catsthe-cat-camp-is-a-mini-camping-tent-for-your-cat-thumb

For cats who reject baskets, fluffy beds, or sharing a bed with their owners there is the mini camping tent for cats! At the low low price of $49.99, you can’t afford NOT to get it. Check it out here.

   2. Cat Window Perch


For the cat who loves looking out the window, get this $24.99 Cat Window Perch! A great way to keep your pets off the furniture while allowing them a place to sun themselves in the summer and observe the outside world in the winter!

  3. Cat Toilet Paper Holders

Don’t let the kitty fun stop in the bathroom! Two types of cat toilet paper holders are available, both standing and walking! Check them out here and here, $11.99 each.

4. Ceramic Cat Toilet Brush


In keeping with the bathroom cat theme, get your crazy cat lover a tasteful ceramic brush! Keep your toilet clean for just $24.99!

5. Robotic Fish


Forget about real fish! They are dirty, expensive, and can be easily eaten by your cat. For less than $10 you can buy these fake fish which swim around and keep your cat entertained for days! WARNING: Keep these out of your cat’s reach as they might try to eat them! Note that these are water-activated and the battery does not last long.

6. Bird Feeder With One-Way Mirror


Once your robotic fish batteries have died, attract real animals that you don’t have to take care of with this bird feeder. It attaches to exterior windows and has a one way mirror so your cat can see the birds, but the birds can’t see them. Get it here for $29.95. 

7. Twinkle Tush Butt Covers


We all know cats are very concerned with their appearance, constantly grooming themselves! Keep their dignity for just $5.99 with this beautiful butt necklace!

8. Cat Stockings

Keep your legs warm AND classy with cat stockings! For less than $8 a pair you can choose from a variety of designs.

9. Pyropet Candles


Decorate your home with cats, including your candles! These candles melt into a cat skeleton, which is sure to delight the doctor in your life. At a steep $34.99, you might want to burn these slowly.

10. Cat Crib


For cats who refuse to sleep on the ground, get them the cat crib! This cat hammock will keep dirty cat beds away while making use of your existing furniture! These cat cribs come in 3 colors and cost $29.99.

For all the crazy cat people out there, enjoy your holiday! 


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