How To Celebrate The Holidays With Your Dog

With all the upcoming holiday madness, it can be hard to find the time to spend with your pets. There are many ways to include them in your celebrations so they feel loved and cared for, while you get to enjoy your holiday.

Some pets travel better than others, for example dogs tend to enjoy traveling more than cats.

How to celebrate the holidays with your pets:

  1. Traveling for the holidays? Take your dog along instead of boarding them. If you are taking a road trip this is more realistic than air travel, but check with your hosts/hotel beforehand and see if they will allow you to bring your dog along. Find pet friendly hotels here and here.
  2. Bring your dog along on holiday outings. Going to see Christmas lights or going caroling? Bring your dog along! Be sure to dress your dog accordingly, protect their paws from snow or ice and wrap them in a sweater to keep them warm. 48382-santa dogs 1
  3. Find local community activities for pets. Local pet stores and animal shelters often have pet-friendly events such as Santa Paws events. Check your local newspaper or Yelp community boards for listings.
  4. Stuff their stockings. While your dog won’t quite understand what is happening, he will feel the joy of the holidays coming from his owners! Make them a stocking (this is a great activity for kids) from craft or dollar store items and stuff some special biscuits and treats inside.
  5. Bake them a treat. A quick Google search reveals tons of holiday recipes for dogs, such as this list of recipes. Also check Pinterest for great ideas! Always use caution and do your own research regarding safe ingredients! These can make great stocking IMG_3378-610x406stuffers.
  6. Take a holiday photo with your pet! Family photos and holiday letters are rampant this time of year, and there are often discounts at photo studios. Check discount sites like Groupon for even better deals. Include your pet in your family photo or take separate photos of them that you can cherish forever AND include in the holiday card!family-celebrating-christmas-with-pets

Be sure to keep your pets safe during these holiday activities! Check out holiday safety tips from the ASPCA here.


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