A Myriad of Monsters: Knott’s Scary Farm 2015

You begin to hear the screams half a mile from the park. Where else can you go to be stalked by monsters AND ride a wicked rollercoaster on the same night?

Knott’s Scary Farm has been a SoCal tradition for the last 43 years, and shows no signs of stopping. With 10 mazes, a few of them new, you are sure to be scared.

Mazes include Black Magic, Dead of Winter, Gunslinger’s Grave, Forevermore, My Bloody Clementine, Pinnochio Unstrung, Tooth Fairy, Paranormal, Inc., Voodoo, and Trick or Treat. There is also Special Ops: Infected- Patient Zero, which is an additional cost.

Tickets start at $39, and doors open at 7pm on select nights. Find more information on ticket prices and mazes.¬†Parking was a rough $20, so I recommend carpooling. “Fright Lane” fast pass access seems worth it to cut the lines, which ranged from 30 minutes for the far-flung mazes like Tooth Fairy to the most popular mazes like Trick or Treat with a 2 hour line.

Unfortunately, buying the tickets online did not save as much time as I hoped. Waiting in line for an hour before even entering the park made for antsy kids and adults alike. Even buying tickets online, security guards directed patrons to “pick any line” to go through security. I highly recommend buying online to save money on tickets, and to make sure they do not sell out as they did this past Saturday.

One cool touch for those who are not as interested in cheap thrills was the Knott’s Haunt Museum, which I found quite accidentally. Pictures of the last 43 years of Haunts turned out to be quite interesting, and the Knott’s employee there, Keith, was very knowledgeable about all the events and happenings of Haunt.

20151018_010841 20151017_225247Snapchat-3302096986802298246

Overall, we had a great time at Knott’s and I recommend it for adults and teenagers.I don’t have kids, but if I did I would only bring a kid 12+ to avoid traumatizing them. After all, being afraid of the dark will stay with you for life!


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