Finding Fall in Southern California

Looking to visit Southern California in the fall but missing the seasonal beauty? Check out these 5 spots and find out where you can find fall colors in SoCal.

1. Big Bear Lake

Roughly a 1.5-2 hour drive from anywhere in SoCal, Big Bear Lake is located in the San Bernadino Mountains. Chock full of trees, fall colors shine here. There are many hiking trails as well as skiing/snowboarding/tubing when it snows. Cougar Crest Trail (2.4 miles) will give some great views if you can make it to the top. Bicycles are not allowed, but it is certainly worth the hike. Woodland Trail is more manageable at 1.5 miles.

Big Bear Lake-Fall

2. Big Sur

Big Sur National Park

is a series of dramatic cliffs along the coast of California. Drive the road affectionately known as PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to see the cliffs rise up against the ocean. Big-Sur-National-Park1

3. Julian

Located in San Diego County, Julian is best known for being an old mining town famous for its apples. As a result, they have the best apple pie and cider you will ever taste. Visit local apple orchards to pick apples in early Fall, or scroll along Main Street and check out all the cozy little shops.

Julian ,CA in the Fall. Photo credit:
Julian ,CA in the Fall. Photo credit:

4. Temecula Vineyards

The city of Temecula, CA is well-known for its wonderful vineyards and wineries. Check out a list of all the vineyards and plan your visit accordingly! Fair warning, many vineyards close early (around 5pm) in the Fall and Winter seasons. Get a map of all the wineries and go on a self-guided tour here!

Temecula, CA. Photo Credit:
Temecula, CA. Photo Credit:

5. San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, known as SLO among the locals, is a county near central California. Offering attractions similar to Temecula, this is a small city with a big heart. Come here to stomp grapes, taste wine, and eat great food.

San Luis Obispo, CA. Photo credit:
San Luis Obispo, CA. Photo credit:×680.jpg

Wherever your heart might take you this fall, don’t let anyone tell you California doesn’t have seasons!


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