Facebook Embraces Small Businesses

A new Mashable article states that Facebook is now reaching out to small businesses, in a big way. Over a million advertisers on Facebook, and small businesses may just be a slice of the pie but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon that is Facebook advertising.

According to the article, Facebook has more than 25 million small and medium businesses with active Facebook pages, meaning roughly 4% are actually advertising. That’s a lot of untapped revenue potential.

Facebook believes that bringing video advertising to the table will further tempt small businesses. They are planning a tour to discuss the possibilities starting in June. The schedule is as follows…

  • New York- June 3
  • Miami- June 19
  • Chicago- July 10
  • Austin- July 24
  • Menlo Park- August 5

Tickets are only $25, too bad it’s all the way in Menlo Park (near San Francisco, about an 8 hour drive from where I live) or else I would love to go.

What do you think? Would you attend this seminar?


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