How Much Are YOU Worth to Facebook and Google?

Today Ad Age came out with an article about how much each user is actually worth to Google and Facebook. Most people weigh in at just $20.75 for Facebook and $223 for Google.

Want to find out your exact worth? There’s an App for that. PrivacyFix is an app developed by a software company called AVG based on how much data there is publicly available about YOU. It also recommends how your settings can be adjusted. On Facebook, women are generally worth more than men because they tend to ahem, overshare. Americans and Canadians also tend to be worth more than residents of other parts of the world.

For Google, its calibration of users’ “worth” is based on the volume of searches they’ve conducted in the past 60 days from the specific browser and device they’re using at the time — with the notion that the more you search, the more likely you are to be clicking on an ad at some point.

So basically, the more you share your life online the more you are worth to these companies. So much for being off the grid!


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