New Facebook Pages & How You Can Use Them

Those who wield the power of a Facebook Business Page (or 2) will notice that recently a little bubble popped up asking if we would like to get on the waitlist for the NEW Facebook Business Page.

I decided to try it on one of the pages I currently manage and take it for a test run.

What’s the point you ask?

Here’s the basic rundown of the new Facebook Business Pages from what I can tell:

  • The ability to add targeting of location, age, gender, and other important facts to each individual post. That’s right, each individual post. One of my accounts that I manage has not one, but 6 different locations all stemming from one Facebook page so this is very important for reaching the people we actually want to reach.
  • Prettier event pages- the event pages have been brought into the 21st century! They are more streamlined and prettier, with the ability to view a calendar of events which never existed before. Note: you can always target these events as long as they are not copies of other events.
  • Pinning posts- have something important to promote? Pin it to the top of your page every week or month so that’s the first thing everyone sees. Before we could “highlight” posts but we’ve never had the ability to pin them.
  • Posts/Notifications tab- at the top of the page there exists a posts/notifications section where you can track both the progress of your recent posts and all your notifications (who has liked the page, commented, etc.) this is helpful because instead of running five reports and searching a spreadsheet, the data is right there at your fingertips.

Want to see the new layout? Check it out at Ford Mustang and Herbal Essences.



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