Twitter Adds Photo Tags & Collages

Everybody is playing copycat. After many years of not being able to tag people in Twitter photos, Twitter is now adding the ability to tag and make collages of up to four pictures. This means instead of posting four tweets with four pictures, you would be posting one single tweet with a collage of four pictures.

According to CNN, these are just the latest features to make the jump between major social networks, which happily borrow the most popular aspects of competing services. Last summer, Facebook copied one of Twitter’s best features when it added clickable hashtags to its newsfeed, and it tried to clone Snapchat with its Poke application. When Twitter added short, 6-second videos with its Vine service, Instagram quickly followed suit with 15-second videos.

The new Twitter image tags won’t count against a tweet’s 140-character limit. Any tagged images will pop up under the Interactions tab, just like regular tweets in which you are mentioned.

Twitter is rolling out the new features to users starting with its Android and iPhone apps. Once you have the new powers, you can start identifying friends in images by selecting an image and then hitting the “who’s in this photo?” link below it.

Not a HUGE move on their part, but I think this is just one way Twitter is trying to keep up with the Smiths…what do you think?


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