Facebook to Buy Indian Mobile Analytics Company

Many experts believe that Facebook ads has only scratched the surface of the possible revenue they could generate. In a not-so-surprising move, Facebook bought a Indian Mobile Analytics start-up company today. The purchase price is suspected to be $10-15 million, and is thought to be a strategic move in boosting Facebook’s’ mobile strategy. Others believe Facebook is trying to break into the Indian market, which is known to be hard to crack. The company is called Little Eye.

According to the New York Times, Little Eye, which is based in Bangalore, India, provides monitoring and analysis tools to measure the performance of Android apps. The company plans to move its headquarters to Menlo Park, Calif., where Facebook is based, and said it would offer a free version of its software until June 30 as it transitions.

With Facebook’s latest app update, people were outraged when it politely asked to read their text messages. Buying Little Eye may be a move to having more ads on their mobile apps, but will this hurt or help Facebook in the long run? I believe that if they can integrate the ads to seem like part of your news feed, as they have in the past, it will be successful. What do you think?


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