Facebook’s New Algorithim & Other Changes

Today was a day like any other. January 2nd, 2014. A day Facebook decided to roll out MORE changes.

Their algorithm changed in December, making fans not see content from pages they’ve liked unless they like an unknown amount of statuses from each page.

But today something else switched. Places, once a vague, user-created utility, can now be claimed by business pages. But wait, once claimed these places became business pages of their own. Today while working on claiming places for my social media job, the coding was literally changing as I worked.

The algorithm change angered many people, causing them to accuse Facebook of changing it in order to sell more ads, therefore guaranteeing more ad revenue. They claim they were doing it to get paid content out of newsfeeds. To me, this algorithm move was an obvious ploy to increase ad revenue.

Has anyone noticed any other Facebook changes this week?


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