Twitter Tips for Non-Profits

Non-Profits often don’t have the budget to devote resources entirely to social media, leaving it up to employees who may not be as well-versed on the subject. Below are some Twitter tips for non-profits.

Tips for non-profits on Twitter:

  • Don’t give up! Social media may seem intimidating, time-consuming, and useless at first but eventually you will settle into patterns of using it and see the pot at the end of the rainbow
  • Represent your brand as you would to a VIP. Use a Twitter handle that clearly identifies who your brand is. Many non-profits have branches and different identities across the country or even the world, so make sure your audience knows who you are. Use your organization’s logo and set up your profile so that it’s very obvious who you are and what you have to offer
  • Follow lots of other people first. Don’t worry, your own followers will come. Search for names you already know. Search on hashtags such as #nonprofit #philanthropy for tweets on those topics. Follow the people and orgs that posted them. Whenever you find a blog or site you like, look for a Twitter button
  • Twitter mostly on professional themes, but don’t shy away from personal tweets. You may not want to ask if anyone has tried the pizza at the new joint across the street, but showing your followers (many of whom may be local if your organization is more community-based) that there is a human being behind the icon makes them more likely to pay attention to you
  • Don’t be afraid to retweet. If you scratch the back of others, they will eventually return the favor. Remember that your organization is not the center of the world, even if you have an amazing mission you want to share with everyone. Nobody wants to have a friend who only talks about themselves, Twitter is no different
  • Tweet frequently but not repetitively. One of the biggest mistakes anyone makes on social media is to ignore one platform for months at a time, then go back and try to add a bunch of content to make up for it. This causes your content to spam up the feeds of all your followers, and you WILL lose followers. Set up a content posting schedule and stick to it
  • Remember that you can tweet about events or resources your followers would like as well as well as what you’re promoting. People will repost what they find interesting, and tweeting your promotions alone will leave you with little engagement and fewer followers
  • Pay it forward. If someone retweets you, show your appreciation. Ex: Thanks for the RT @BobSmithJon

Those are my tips for Tweeting with non-profits. Good luck and don’t forget to follow me @aimeesreads!


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