Getty Images Brings Pin Details to Pinterest

After Pinterest was valued at nearly $4 billion, a deal with Getty Images was signed to bring more pin details to Pinterest.

Whenever a user pins a Getty image that’s already out there on the web, the metadata that Getty has on file for that image — including the description, photographer and date taken — will appear alongside that photo on the user’s pin board. Pinterest will pay Getty for all of the data they include alongside photos. Pinterest would not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

“One thing we’ve found is that the more we know about a pin, the more valuable we can make it for you,” wrote Michael Yamartino, a product manager at Pinterest, on the company’s blog. “That’s why we’ve been working with partners to get more data into Pinterest to help us make recommendations, make pins more useful, and even offer notifications when prices drop.”

With a new focus on promoted pins and pins with more written content, a new deal with Getty Images is a great way to marry the details with the beautiful photos that all Pinterest users love.


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