New Pinterest Widget Lures International Customers

Nobody can argue that over the last several decades cell phones have evolved enormously. Despite all the technological innovations, most cell phones come pre-loaded with tools that are now widely known as apps. In the early days, these apps were simple. Calculators, calendars, and alarm clocks. Today, apps like Pinterest are changing the game by pre-loading their widgets onto cell phones.

Before you even unbox your new international broadband provider Telefónica Android cell phone, a Pinterest widget is already on it. With over 316 million customers worldwide, Telefónica is in the United Kingdom, Europe, and many Latin American countries.

Current subscribers can download the Pinterest app, which will provide a stream of home screen pins for registered Pinterest users, and will show the most popular pins for those who haven’t jumped on the Pinning bandwagon yet.

Exposing more users to Pinterest is the obvious benefit here, and Pinterest says the company has grown its Latin America and European user base by 130% over the past 10 months. A study published in July by social media research firm Semiocast found that Pinterest has roughly 70 million registered users, only 30% of which are outside the U.S.

The Pinterest frenzy continues to sweep across the world and will be propelled by its exposure to Telefónica customers. Mashable has a preview of what the live-streaming widget will look like below.


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