Instagram Adds Sound & Data Controls

Instagram released a new update for its app on both iOS and Android devices this week that gives users more control over how the app works. Instead of videos instantly playing when they are scrolled over, users can choose to only pre-load and play them when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, saving user’s data usage.

Control over volume of the videos played is also accessible to users in the new update. They can choose whether they always want the videos to play at a certain volume, play muted, or play at the volume the phone is at during any given moment. For example, if you have your phone on silent your video will automatically be muted.

Giving this control to users is a smart move and I can easily see how these new features would be helpful. One of the more obvious situations where this control would help is when users are viewing Instagram in an environment where they must stay quiet- a movie theater, at work, or in a library for example.

Besides allowing volume control, this new update is also helping Facebook, Instagram’s owner of just a few short months, reach out to people in remote countries who don’t have internet access as readily available.

What do you think of these new features? Long-awaited or waste of time?


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