2013 Hashtag Hits or Misses


For those of us in the advertising and marketing industries, this simple pound sign is known for much more than punching in your voicemail code. The #hashtag is now an important part of any good SEO campaign, serving as a keyword to track branding across the internet.

Advertising Week is celebrating their 10th anniversary, so they put a special edition which hit newsstands and my mailbox this week. I wanted to share some content (all content is THEIR copyright) about the hashtag hits or misses for 2013 (so far).

2013 Hashtag hits/successes:

#DUNKINTHEDARK (Oreo during the Super Bowl blackout)

#CLYDESDALES (Budweiser during the super bowl, supplementing the iconic horse commercial)

2013 Hashtag misses/failures:

#MCDSTORIES (McDonald’s attempt to garner sentiment from Twitter users by sharing McDonald’s stories…can you say “backfire” five times fast?)

#RIMJOBS (Blackberry’s attempt at recruiting people to work at their former namesake, RIM)

May your hashtags be successfully memorable!


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