PetziConnect: NannyCam for Dogs?

Do you miss your pets while away on vacation, at work, or just on trips to the grocery store?

Enter PetziConnect.

The PetziConnect wall fixture has a microphone, speaker, camera and a treat dispenser that can be connected to Wi-Fi, making it accessible from a smartphone or computer anywhere. This app, available on smartphones and Facebook, can be used anywhere with an internet connection.

This may seem silly to people who clearly aren’t in love with their pets, but to me this is something that has been a long time coming.

Monday through Friday I go to work, being gone around 10 hours a day (working 8 and driving 2). In this time my puppy and bunny hang with my family, as well as the two cats who aren’t fans of having other pets. My puppy having company makes me feel better about abandoning her during the day, but PetziConnect is a great option for those (like me) with pictures of their doggies on their desk, wishing they could see them playing all day.

Nerdy? Maybe. Over the top? Definitely. A good idea? I think so.

Would you use PetziConnect? What would an app or service like this be worth to you?


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