Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Great article about basic social media tools for business environments as well as marketing yourself.

Career Exploration Assignment

Social media tools are the emerging necessity for any business today that wants to stay relevant in a constantly changing world. By introducing social media into your business or profile, it allows for a greater scope in connections, be it for future employees, employers, consumers and businesses.

With that, here are 5 essential social media tools that business pros most commonly implement today:

  1. LinkedIn – A professional social networking site, anyone looking to improve their brand image, build connections and get their names out on the market for headhunters cannot ignore LinkedIn. It gives everyone a great opportunity for developing a professional image where your resume, current/prior positions, experience all tie into one page and also connects to other social media tools (i.e. Twitter). With over 161 million subscribers, LinkedIn is one online tool that can’t be looked over.
  2. Twitter – This microblogging service allows for following trends, groups, organizations…

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