Shark Week Frenzy

I came across this Mashable article showing some fantastic shark week accessories that I felt compelled to share in the spirit of Shark Week. My favorite:

I will never understand why Shark Week is such a big deal. Especially with the tagline “It’s a bad week to be a seal.” But in the spirit of the season, let’s celebrate America’s fascination with these finned, boneless creatures by checking out Discovery Channel’s Top 20 Shark Facts.

Did you know this is the 26th Shark Week? In 2012, Shark Week had a total of 24.1 million viewers!

Despite America’ fascination with sharks, made-for-tv movie “Sharknado” was only watched by 1 million people last month. You would think people would be more interested in a $1 million movie about sharks attacking water-logged Los Angeles residents.

Happy Shark Week, America!




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