The New Job Market: New Grads Overqualified, Underpaid

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Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released their latest news about job openings and labor turnover in June 2013. Along with the typical data about how many jobs opened up during that month in the USA (3.9 million), the number of hires (4.2 million) and the employee turnover (4.1 million), there was some new information recovered by market research groups studying the economy.

New college grads are overqualified and underpaid. This isn’t news to me, being a recent grad, but to the rest of the world it’s causing quite a stir. According to ConvergEx group, 52% of recent grads under 25 are in jobs that don’t require a college degree.

They also found that while college tuition increases every semester for many, recent grads earn about $3,200/year less than they did in 2000. This number can be up to 30% less in some industries.

It’s one thing to…

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