Facebook For Business: Reaching Out to the Little Guy

Facebook is now going after small business owners, streamlining how it can help them through sponsored ads, keywords, SEO, and connecting to the community. Facebook for Business is the new program that offers these tips and resources to marketers.

The page is made up five different sections: Get Started, Solutions, Success, Get Help and News.

I’m curious to see how big businesses and corporations who have dedicated social media budgets, staff, and plans will react to this. Will they be angry Facebook is aiming for the “little guy”? Will they use these resources in addition to their own?

Facebook must be doing this in order to generate more advertising revenue through smaller businesses. They know the value of mom & pop shops, and I see this as their way of trying to bring them into the Facebook world. These smaller businesses generally do not have the resources to spend much time, energy, or money on social media.

I experienced this in my time at the Fullerton Arboretum, a non-profit botanical garden. In my role as Web & Communications Coordinator at the Arboretum, I optimized their social media pages by utilizing keywords, interacting more with customers, and generating more buzz about the garden by posting regularly. This is the perfect example of a business who would be interested in improving their online presence in an easier, more streamlined manner through this new Facebook for Business program.

Do you think Facebook for Business will be utilized by companies big and small? Or will it fizzle out?


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