Ad of the Moment: Vodaphone’s “The Wait”

Ah, love. The great equalizer. Vodaphone’s latest commercial as part of its UK campaign shows us that love and lust can be the greatest moments- or the greatest tragedies- of one’s life. In this commercial, a group of teenage girls sit around a table starting at a phone, presumably waiting for an important phone call from a boy later shown to be swaggering down the path. They wait anxiously by the phone, jumping for joy when it rings only to find out its just Mom.

I don’t love commercials often. Perhaps its because I’ve been there, done that. I was a teenage girl once, just a few years ago. Most women my age won’t admit to having done the waiting-by-the-phone, although I suspect many of them still do.  This commercial was funny, relatable, and a little bit inspirational. If I were part of the Vodaphone team I would propose making this a series of commercials, showing the same cast of characters trying to sort out their love lives.

For those of us not in the UK, enjoy 🙂


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