Preparing for Instagram as a Brand Platform

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Yesterday Facebook announced that 40% of their ad revenue comes from their mobile site and app.

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, head honcho Mark Zuckerberg and company have been hinting about Instagram ads. A recent article states that 67 of the 100 InterBrand companies have and use Instagram actively, having over 7 million users.

Do you think Instagram will be tainted or enhanced by advertising? I’m interested to see how they will integrate ads into the everyday pictures of dinner, puppies, and birthday parties. Will it be a pop-up ad you must click through to get to Instagram itself, or integrated in with the dinner and puppy pictures? My guess would be the latter.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Instagram as a Brand Platform

  1. My guess is that if Instagram starts using ads, the experience will be tainted, but it won’t stop people from using it. I can’t remember where, but I saw a statistic that said 70% of Facebook ads are ignored. Not sure how that true that is, but I probably ignore more than 70% that I see.

    1. I agree with you Jon, I think people dislike ads but not enough to make them stop using their favorite apps, services, websites, etc. I don’t think Facebooks ads are effective for converting leads into customers, but I do think they are effective in annoying everyone.

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