Finally, a Smartphone That Can Swim

Have you ever dropped your phone in a pool, lake, or other misc. body of water? The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is here to solve all your problems.

The “whatever-proof” new phone available only at AT&T is supposedly dust and water resistant, meaning it can live up to 3 feet underwater for 30 minutes. The phone doesn’t appear different from the regular S4, but contrary to popular belief it is not an S4 in a waterproof case. It’s actually a bigger, heavier phone [half an ounce heavier] made of different materials. There are actual physical buttons rather than the somewhat-mystical disappearing buttons that appeared on past Galaxys.

On the con side, the Active has a slightly less impressive screen and a much-shorter battery life. For all the technical details see Mashable’s review.

I think the most interesting part about this phone- other than the fact that you can drop it in water at parties and impress all your friends when it continues to work- is that it stemmed from consumer demands. 10, even 5, years ago most people wouldn’t believe a waterproof phone could be created; but we’ve come a long way in just a short decade of flip phones, Rzrs, and smartphones.

I personally have been fortunate enough to never have had a phone die a watery death, but I feel for most people it’s inevitable. I think this phone is a great idea, and I’m kicking myself for still being a year out from my dreaded 2-year contract being over. AT&T is probably hoping for flocks of new customers due to its exclusivity, but only time (and every electronics website on the planet) will tell us whether it’s worth the upgrade or not.


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