Stress Sweat & The Invention of Buzzwords

Just when you thought regular sweat was bad enough, deodorant  company Secret has “found” that there are actually two kinds of sweat: the kind you produce from being physically hot and the kind that suddenly appears when you are stressed out.

This new kind of sweat is the perfect excuse for Secret to create a “clinical strength” deodorant (to sell at a higher price point) that fights BOTH kinds of sweat. As far as I know, Secret is the first company to come up with the concept of different kinds of sweat so they may have a market here.

Most people can differentiate from being sweaty during a nerve wracking job interview and sweating it out in 90% humidity, but I wonder if anyone will actually switch brands from their stand-by deodorant to get this “new kind of protection”.

If this concept of stress sweat resonates with consumers, they may have something. No doubt Secret’s competitors will follow suit with their own versions of stress-sweat protection, but for now I can understand why one would want something like this.

Creating a buzzword like stress sweat is a whole new level for Secret, whose audience is primarily women. It will be interesting to see if this concept catches on and if so, they can turn a profit from their new product.


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