The Demise of the “Big 3” of Social Media

Remember when life was simple and the only social media sites that mattered were the “Big 3”-Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Seems like last year.

Oh wait, it was last year.

Tumblr, WordPress (yippee!), Myspace, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, FourSquare, MeetUp, YouTube….the list never ends.

So where do you start to market yourself or your business?


Social media marketing is all about reaching the right audience and using the right platform. Is your audience teenage girls who love to post pictures of themselves all over the Internet? Do your customers avoid the Internet like the plague? Is your youngest customer eligible for Social Security? There are questions you need to ask yourself before investing time, energy, and resources into creating and maintaining a social media platform.

Without further ado, social media explained:


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