Super Bowl 2013: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Missed any the Super Bowl 2013 spots? Check out this article from Ad Age and see which ones you loved and hated! I especially loved the Kia ad of Babylandia, when the parents try to dodge their kid asking where babies come from. I was especially touched by how Coke and Budweiser both managed to be so sentimental, although their ads had little to do with the actual products.

There were the token gross out ads, thanks to Taco Bell and GoDaddy, and the typical sexy-girl-eating-cheeseburger ad from Carl’s Jr.

I think the most important thing is that these ads told a story, so whether or not you went out and bought a Coke or Bud, you remembered the brand and what they wanted to talk about. Dodge’s farmer ad felt a little too long and out of touch for modern America, but I think they did a great job at telling a story.

So what do you think, what was your favorite? Your least favorite?


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