Necessary Apps for College

This week, most of the K-12 students went back to school. With them came the release of new apps and old app updates. So I figured I would tell you about my favorite free apps that help me with school.


1. Evernote: you can download the app on your phone, tablet, computer, and it organize pictures, documents, and simple text notes in easy folders. It’s totally free, but you can pay to upgrade for more storage.

2. Calculator: there will be days where you forget your actual calcuator, and will be scrambling to do some crazy math by hand. Even if you aren’t enrolled in any math classes, I suggest having a calculator with  simple and scientific modes, so you don’t have to fuss with extra buttons.

3. Dictionary: I like’s free app, nerds like me can get the word of the day as an alert on their phone. This app will come in handy both in class and while playing intense games of Scrabble and Words with Friends.

4. Your school’s app: more colleges and even high schools are creating apps for their students, these might include information about school amentiies (such as the hours of the library), school maps (good for parking), traffic alerts, class/professor listings, an event calendar, and more.

5. Mint: is a free website that lets you link all your bank accounts to see your cash flow vs. spending. You can see where you spend most of your money and get tips on how to reduce your expenses. This is good for anyone, but especially good for college students on a strict budget.

6. Grades: there are many apps that will keep track of your class/work schedules and grades. These will often tell you when you have an assignment due and can show you your current grade. Just input your class schedule and assignment scores, and boom you have a free grade tracker. The better apps will store your professor’s information, and warn you about your test the next day.


There are TONS of apps for college students, these are the ones I recommend


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