How to Organize Yourself After the First Week of Class

The first week of class is a stressful week for every student. Tons of information is thrown at you along with class rules, book requirements, and each professor’s quirky pet peeves.

Today is Labor Day, a day off for many students. Also a great day to get yourself organized. Here’s what I do each Labor Day (the first Monday after the first week of class for me)

What to do on Labor Day to get organized:

-Figure out if the classes you are enrolled in are right for you- are you completing the correct requirements? Do you think you can handle an early morning class? Is your professor a hardass while you are more of the relaxed type? Do you really think being in a class with your BFF will allow you to succed in it?

-Read the syllabus. Read it once. Read it twice. Highlight the important stuff. Memorize it. Figure out what is the most crucial part of the class- attendance, participation, tests?

-Put together all your books, course packets, and other class materials

-Collect or buy all your school supplies- pencils, paper, calculators, binders, whatever

-Buy a planner, notebook, or calendar and transfer all the important tests and due dates onto it, put it in your phone and set alerts for 2 days before and the day of (just in case)

-Write everything down. Write everything you can remember that the teacher said the first day of class. This is when many teachers will inadvertendly reveal their pet peeves, favoritism, class strategies, grading policies, and other information you have to be in the class to learn. Check out to read other student’s tips about the professor.

-Do your homework. Most students think the first week is not important, when in reality it’s the MOST important. Take this time to prepare yourself, and don’t forget to do the homework already assigned to you.

Labor Day is a great day off to organize yourself and your classes. Seize this opportunity to get down to business and get some work done.


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