Potential Book #1- The Beginning

So after toying with many book ideas and spending 12 bucks on a Moleskine notebook, believing that it was justified because it would inspire me, I have committed to my first book theme.

People always say “Do what you love” and “Write what you know” (what if you don’t know or love anything?!) so I decided to write a short, easy non-fiction guide to taking classes online. I realize that more and more colleges are offering classes online and that there are very few definitive resources out there for people who want to know the basics of online classes. Having taken dozens of online classes myself over the last 3 years and maintaining a 3.5 GPA, I believe I could be of help to these curious people.

So at this point I’ve spent about 8 hours writing around 4,000 words covering the basics of taking classes online- who can take them, why, where, when, etc.

I have a few ideas for the rest of the book, but am openly soliciting advice from my friends.


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