So I guess I should introduce myself.
My name is Aimee, and I’m a 21-year-old college senior (finally) at a state university in California. I enjoy writing, reading, going to the beach, playing with my numerous pets. I am known by my friends for being sarcastic, and of course, painstakingly witty.
I am writing this blog to document my last year of college, my attempted authorship, and everything in between.
If I had a million dollars I would buy a nice house big enough for at least 2 of each animal- Noah’s Ark status- and go on a month-long trip around the world, stopping mainly in Europe and Australia.

So far I have been to Italy, Ireland, England, France, Greece, and Germany- just a few checked off on my very long list of places to go.

I have always wanted to write a book, unfortunately I have never had the drive to actually finish and publish one. This blog will chronicle my journey to do so while balancing a full-time internship and going to college full-time. Eventually, I hope to use the blog to promote my (published) books!
My pet infatuation started young, with hamsters and cats and guinea pigs and fish. Now I have a 1 1/2 year old Pomeranian named Sophie who may or may not be mixed, and a rescued bunny named Leo who was named because he was found abandoned by his owner on a hill near the arts building of a local college. In the house there’s also the sultry black cat Matilda, and old gentle soul Sam, who have both adopted my dad whether he likes it or not.

I have lived in Southern California my entire life, and am appropriately snobbish about our beautiful weather averaging 360 days of sunshine per year. I will brag about this to anyone who even mentions weather, and never fail to mention to my New York cousins that while they shoveled snow on Christmas,  I was busy getting a sunburn at the beach.

I can’t think of anything else as of now, but since I doubt anyone will read this blog it’s kind of like writing to myself. Fine with me!


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Aimee: I think you have a good start to ths blog. You seem to have a lot of experience with college and college classes, so it’s great that you are helping students who are just starting out or are not as “good” as school as you are! Keep it coming!

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